Auto-flowering Seeds


This great hybrid forms a great, very large structure with a robust branching loaded with fat and very resinous buds, very beautiful with purple and purple hues, and offers a sweet and fruity flavor, its effect is very powerful.

1 pack (10 seeds) = 49.50$

Product description

The Blue Amnesia XXL Auto seed from the Dinafem bank is a sativa variety that comes from a cross between Original Amneisa Auto and Blueberry Auto , thanks to this cross we have this great variety of high production, medium CBD and 16% THC.


A great producer which grows very well in both indoor and outdoor crops, although outdoors with a good temperature and having it with good hours of direct sunlight we can get really large plants, with a good amount of final production .

It should be noted that this variety is resistant to fungi , which makes it an advantage for both types of crops, although it is somewhat more sensitive to insects , so we recommend that you use an insecticide to prevent this problem.

Effect and taste

The effect is mostly relaxing both physically and mentally , which can relieve us of stress and can be a good option in meetings with friends. The flavor of this genetics mixes the best of its relatives, incense touches accompanied by red fruits .

 Characteristics table

Flowering time:More than 75 days

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