Auto-flowering Seeds


KIND:Mostly Indica 70%
FLOWERING:55-65 days
INT PRODUCTION:500-650 gr / m2

1 pack (10 seeds) = 51.50$

Product description

The Critical + 2.0 autoflowering cannabis strain from Dinafem is an indica- dominant autoflowering strain . This hybrid comes from a cross between  Critical + auto and Critical + regular. The result is a variety with a short growing and flowering period but which retains the high quality levels of the regular Critical + and even improves them. 

Regarding its morphological characteristics, it should be noted that it is a small strain , like the vast majority of auto varieties. This variety is very easy to growsince it supports well the fertilizers and the inclemencies of the time, in addition, its flowering is very short but vigorous and abundant. The end result of the Critical + 2.0 harvest is an abundance of plump , pressed, heavy, lemon-scented buds . In fact, its flowering period is so short that it allows us to make several harvests a year.

If grown indoors, Auto Critical 2.0 is ideal due to its small size that makes it perfectly fit into small indoor spaces. In addition, its high production makes us amortize and make the most of electricity consumption.  

Regarding its aroma and flavor, it should be noted that it stands out for its strong notes of lemon. And if we refer to its effects, we must mention that it is a very powerful strain , with a strong and prolonged relaxing effect, typical of indica. It is, therefore, an ideal variety to relax on the sofa and watch a movie or read a good book.

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