Regular Seeds


First Lady Regular is an indica marijuana plant (up to 95% !!) with a large amount of resin attached to its elongated and fluffy buds, with a sweet and exotic flavor and aroma with notes of hashish.

1 pack (10 seeds) = 40.99$

Product description

Seeds originating from Afghanistan with up to 95% indica genetics and powerful effect. High and elongated structure that give rise to large central batons with sweet smells and flavors reminiscent of sweets. 

Its strong point

Definitely the flowering time . From the bank they report that these varieties are capable of fully maturing in about 45 days. If you heard correctly, once it has passed to flora, in a month and a half, you will have your buds ready to cut and dry. Enough time to create a great center tip that will give very good yields .

Grow tips

Being native to hot and sunny countries, they do not tolerate the cold or lack of sun well. If you live in Mediterranean climates this variety will be perfect for you. Recommended both indoors and outdoors with very good results. It hardly needs growth fertilizers if a good substrate is used, in flora it needs fattening so that the explosive flowering is not interrupted.

 Characteristics table

Bank:Sensi Seeds
Flowering time:Less than 60 days

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