Female Seeds


KIND:Mostly Indica
FLOWERING:45-50 days
PRODUCTION:400-450 gr / m²

1 pack (10 seeds) = 31.90$

Product description

Hindu Kush is a strain from the renowned Sensi Seeds seed bank , a high quality strain that has been used to produce many of the Kush genetics we know today. In fact, the mythical  OG Kush descends from this genetics.

On this occasion, Sensi brings you a classic in its highest quality feminized version . A genetics indicates that as its name indicates, it comes from the rugged mountains of the Hindu Kush , an Asian massif from which the famous indica varieties come. Due to the geographical location from which they come, these plants have developed robust , resistant, wide and branched vegetative structures , with compact and highly resinous flowers; ideal characteristics for the vast majority of growers.


Due to its compact structure, it is an ideal strain for indoor crops with limited spaces since it will easily cover the entire surface and will not stretch excessively. In addition, the flowering of this strain is shorter than that of sativa varieties, so the electricity consumption will be lower and we will be able to carry out more harvests.
Also note that its branching structure with robust lateral branches makes it perfect for crops with SOG or SCROG type mesh .


Outdoors you will need temperate and sunny climates to produce the largest amount of buds and with the best possible quality. In fact, with a good climate it will reach a surprising height despite having a very branching structure .

Organoleptic properties

Regarding the organoleptic properties of Hindu Kush, its marked indica characteristics should be highlighted, with an intense earthy flavor that combines wonderfully with notes of wood and spices . The classic taste of the Hindu Kush mountains straight to your mouth.


A deep mental relaxation is what awaits us when consuming this exquisite variety. Surprisingly, this mental relaxation is not accompanied by the typical physical relaxation that leaves you knocked out. With Hindu Kush we will relax the mind, but the body will still have the strength to perform physical activities.

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