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Jack Flash # 5 is a wonderful easy-to-grow and resistant marijuana plant, it produces beautiful buds with a large amount of resin, with a very tasty fruity flavor and a powerful and pleasant mental effect.

1 pack (10 seeds) = 94.99$

Product description

With a slightly higher flowering than its parents but a much higher production. The large and resinous buds produced give off a striking lemon scent and fruity flavors.

Origin of genetics

Jack Flash # 5 genetics comes from the cross between Jack Herer  and Skunk varieties . From the first, he has obtained the shape, smell and taste of the buds so characteristic and that has made Jack Herer famous. On the contrary, the Skunk part gives it resistance and ease of cultivation, making it ideal for novice or inexperienced growers.

Grow tips

Jack Flash # 5 seeds give rise to quite tall, leafy plants capable of giving high production. Its height causes a need for greater control in indoor crops, the bulbs must be continuously adjusted to avoid burning the tips. As for exterior, they give very good results due to their great resistance and ability to overcome pests and inclement weather.

 Characteristics table

Bank:Sensi Seeds
Flowering time:More than 75 days

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