Female Seeds


KIND:Mostly Sativa 85%
FLOWERING:50-75 days

1 pack (10 seeds) = 55.90$

Product description

Sensi Seeds’ Jamaican Pearl  is the  feminized version of one of the most complex strains on the market . Jamaican Pearl arises from the cross between a selection of tropical sativas from Jamaica and an Early Pearl .


If you decide to grow it indoors you will have to be careful with its growth as it grows very vigorous and can stretch excessively. This makes it a good choice for crops with a SOG or SCROG mesh for which you will need apical pruning. After nine to ten weeks of flowering, your luscious buds will be ready for harvest.


This genetics was crossed with an Early Pearl thinking precisely of enhancing its optimal behavior in outdoor crops. Grown outdoors, Jamaican will grow tall, vigorous and productive, ready for harvest in late October. In addition, it will be very resistant to pests and humid climates .

Organoleptic properties

The taste of Jamaican is especially sweet, with an earthy and spicy background . A real delight for lovers of markedly sativa flavors.


What can we expect from the effects of a marked sativa genetics? A very stimulating, euphoric and energetic cerebral effect that in the end is combined with a soft physical relaxation.

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