Regular Seeds


Shiva Shanti Regular from the Sensi Seeds bank of regular seeds is a variety with an indica predominance of up to 75% , a fast flowering and an excellent production of resinous buds with fruity and sweet flavors,  which, when consumed, cause a significant high.

1 pack (10 seeds) = 39.99$

Product description

very productive variety capable of generating up to half a kilogram for each square meter of cultivation, as long as it does not suffer from deficiencies, stress, or pests … that slow down the ripening time and reduce the final amount harvested.

Characteristics of its cultivation

Fully stabilized genetics that came onto the market in the 90s and has remained in the catalog for its quality and large productions. It comes from Skunk No.1 and Kush parents that give it its great production. From SLC we recommend the use of nutrients and fertilizers dedicated to flowering so as not to lose a gram of its potential harvest.

Organoleptic properties

Very smelly , so much so that you must be careful if you grow indoors or the whole building will smell of marijuana. As for the flavor, fruity tones stand out with very sweet hints of honey. A whole cocktail of flavors only suitable for the most daring and exotic consumers.

 Characteristics table

Bank:Sensi Seeds
Flowering time:Less than 60 days
Production:Very high

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