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SUITABLE:Indoor and outdoor
WEATHER:Temperate / Continental
GENOTYPE:Sativa 35% / Indica 65%
GENETICS:Afghane x Acapulco Gold x Colombian Gold
FLOWERING TIME:45 – 50 days
HARVEST INT:Early october
EXT PRODUCTION:600 – 900 g / plant

1 pack (10 seeds) = 30.90$

Product description

About Skunk 1

When we refer to Skunk # 1, we are talking about one of the most influential strains in the entire history of cannabis culture , as well as one of the first commercial strains. This genetics has been making marijuana lovers around the world fall in love with for more than four hundred years. Now,  Sensi Seeds brings you the opportunity to get hold of this historic strain, assuring you of the best quality feminized “Skunk” genetics.

If we talk about the origins of the current Skunk, we must go back to the eighties, in the United States of America. In particular, we must thank breeder David Watson, known in the cannabis world as Sam The Skunkman. He was the one who crossed an Afghan seed, specifically Acapulco Gold and Colombain Gold, with 75% sativa genetics and 25% indica genetics.

A benchmark

Since its appearance, this genuine variety has been a benchmark for uniform and reliable behavior . In fact, its consistent genotype has been selected, improved, and mixed countless times, with a wide variety of Skunk # 1 hybrid descendants now existing. All these original Skunk hybrids mixed traditional crops from South America, Central America, Afghanistan and Thailand.

Later, through countless selections and crosses of different generations of Skunk, the best specimens of this variety were stabilized, obtaining the first cultivated hybrid in history. The result was a hybrid of Indica-Sativa genetics, more specifically, Indica-dominant, called Skunk # 1. This mythical and legendary genealogical powerhouse has reached the highest levels of fame and recognition among cannabis growers across the globe.

The new feminized selection presented by Sensi Seeds stands out for its uniformity when grown from seeds, producing strains with a consistent structure and regular bud production . This result has been obtained through the experience of the work carried out with the variety in question over more than thirty years.

Sensi Seeds brings you the best feminized Skunk # 1 ever seen. The results that are achieved with this variety they show the vigor that a good hybrid can offer . If we refer to the growth and flowering of Skunk # 1, it should be noted that it apparently behaves like an Indica, however, at the time of flowering it continues to grow rapidly, reaching a height higher than that which pure indica usually reach . On the other hand, the green of its leaves is very dark, inherited from its Afghan ancestors, contrasting with the lime-green color of the tips of its buds in the final flowering period.

Fast and productive

Regarding flowering, note that it is fast and abundant, producing thick stems and robust branches that will be able to support the large clusters of buds.presses that it will produce. These large buds are due to the short distance between internodes, which allows the flowers to join each other and produce long, fat and heavy tails. At the end of flowering, the fan-shaped leaves present different shades and colors, this is due to the fact that the plant concentrates its energy on the production of the resinous buds that we mentioned earlier. It is really surprising to see this plant bloom, generating calyxes of great beauty, extensive and profuse pistils; as well as buds that expand in any direction until the last moment of the flowering period.

Indoors its flowering is short, between forty-five and fifty days; while outdoors it should be cut, approximately, at the end of September or beginning of October. It should be noted that to plant it outdoors and obtain a good result, we must plant it in a temperate , Mediterranean or continental climate.

Effect and taste

Just as her indica genetics give her certain characteristics, her sativa genetics also give her various peculiarities. Firstly, the aforementioned flowery structure and secondly the influence on her high, which combines the ‘high’ of indica with the euphoric high of sativa. In general, the “high” is long lasting, clearing the mind and stimulating us. On the other hand, its flavor is intense, with notes of lemon, incense, spices and pine wood, a real delight!

Finally, it is worth mentioning that she was the famous winner of the first edition of the marijuana world cup , High Times Cannabis Cup. This competition took place in Amsterdam, in 1988, which shows us how the Skunk variety leads to the top of the wave since the beginning of the cannabis world.

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