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This high quality plant is famous for its fast harvest and high production quantity, it is easy to grow and provides large buds full of resin, with very intense flavors of spices and citrus, with a very powerful and long-lasting effect.

1 pack (10 seeds) = 49.99$

Product description

Sensi Seeds Super Skunk seed comes from a Skunk # 1 cross with a high quality old Afghani strain that results in this indica strain. It has a fairly fast flowering, about 45-55 days, its THC percentage is 23% and a medium level of CBD.


Its production is very good both in quantity and quality, offering hard and resinous buds .

Whether you grow it indoors or outdoors, it will leave you more than satisfied, since we will obtain a quality harvest and a good size.

Indoors, the homogeneity of this variety and its not very large size would stand out, but not for that reason unproductive. As usual outdoors, it will be larger but the quality will be very similar to that obtained indoors, so there is no problem in growing it in either of the two spaces.

Effect and taste

If we talk about its flavor, it highlights a citrus touch with lemon flavors that accompany a strong effect that you will like for sure.

 Characteristics table

Bank:Sensi Seeds
Flowering time:Less than 60 days

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